Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Toughest Church Job I Ever Had

This year I dove head on into managing the day-to-day operations of the child care center at Harrah Church. Prior to the I had simply hired and mentored our center directors, reviewed financials, helped negotiate issues between the church and the child care center, and occasionally took meeting with disgruntled parents or employees. I had no idea the load that our director had to bear day-to-day. This is the toughest church job I have ever had. There are 35-40 full-time employees at the center and over 140 children at this point. My day starts around 7:30am and I am usually leaving the center by 6:30pm Monday through Friday….


The Crown

This weekend I have been binging Season Two of The Crown on Netflix. I have really enjoyed this series, the stories, and the characters. Truth be told, I have been sucked into The Crown. I like the pace of the storytelling and peeking into Royal Family. As an aging pastor it has been good to watch how these characters change or do not change as the culture shifts around them. Have you watched it? What did you think?

Hitchcock and Truffaut

Sitting here tonight watching Hitchcock/Truffaut on HBO tonight. Two of my favorite directors. There is just too much to appreciate about what these men accomplished with their films and how they tell stories. How I miss going to cinema classes in college and learning about what was happening within their films. I may need to call O.U. or U.C.O. tomorrow to see what cinema classes they are offering this fall. David Fincher’s commentary in this film is some of the best. What are your favorite Hitchcock films?