Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Sing Street

This is really a great movie. I heard about it several months ago but hadn’t had a chance to check it out. There is really so much that reminds me of growing up and playing guitar with my friends in High School. We had a little band. We played mostly Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, and Bush tunes. The writing in the film is really just brilliant. When I was a teenager the movie Singles about the Seattle music scene was one of my favorite movies, certainly the only musical that I would admit to liking. Some of the songs from that soundtrack are still in heavy rotation in my iTunes. I think more inspirational films like this are needed.

I get the privilege of working with young musicians at the church and really enjoy it. We have so many talented musicians running around. We will start rehearsals for our fall term in a few weeks and I am really excited. What are some of your favorite movies about music?