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  • Author: Jeremy Davidson

The Crown

This weekend I have been binging Season Two of The Crown on Netflix. I have really enjoyed this series, the stories, and the characters. Truth be told, I have been sucked into The Crown. I like the pace of the storytelling and peeking into Royal Family. As an aging pastor it has been good to watch…

Hitchcock and Truffaut

Sitting here tonight watching Hitchcock/Truffaut on HBO tonight. Two of my favorite directors. There is just too much to appreciate about what these men accomplished with their films and how they tell stories. How I miss going to cinema classes in college and learning about what was happening within their films. I may need to…

Alexandre Desplat

Alexandre Desplat writes some of my favorite film scores. He is incredibly talented and creative. Many times while I am sitting at Starbucks working with my headphones listening to one of his scores I find that I have stopped working and am simply sitting and listening. Great stuff. I enjoy listening to the Syriana and…