Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

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Social Media Part 1

       I am going to be kicking off a new series around here to inform you of some of the social media out there.  You may be introduced to some new stuff and you may be connected out the wazzoo.        The first platform we are going to talk about is the blog. If you…

Social Media Workshop

      Last week Saddleback hosted the Saddleback Worship Conference.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go, but I have been reading several blogs about the workshop that Carlos Whittaker and Rich Kirkpatrick did and wanted to pass along some of their goodness about social media and it’s implications for the church on to you guys.  Here…

ShareFest Tulsa

I have been working on a web site for an associational event here in Tulsa in the fall.  It is called ShareFest Tulsa.  A bunch of churches in the Tulsa area are are going to be doing community service projects to reach out to the community.  ShareFest will take place on November 1st and 2nd. …