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Friday is for Film

The Changeling, not Changeling Elizabeth: The Golden Age Knocked Up Hot Fuzz      I have had a full weekend of film so far. I watched The Changeling last night with John and Paige. It was made in 1980 and is destined for a treatment by the MST3000 crowd. John got scared about half way through…

Friday is for Film

I went to the movies with my dad twice over the weekend. We watched Appaloosa and Max Payne. Appaloosa is a western and Ed Harris’ second directorial outing. There was nothing profound or visual exciting happening in this movie. It did excite in me a desire to go back and watch The Assassination of Jesse…

Paul Newman Passes

I read that Paul Newman passed away today from cancer at the age of 83. There was a great article from MSN about the actor, his legacy, and his life. As an avid film fan I have long loved the work of Newman, but did not know very much about his charitable giving. I read…

Mad Men

I am watching Peggy Olson on Mad Men going through a church committee meeting. They totally nailed what it is like sometimes as a creative. Did anyone out there see the episode?      Do you think that Peggy Olson favors Thom Yorke from Radiohead?


I am sitting at home watching Silverado on AMC. Some of my favorite westerns are: Silverado Unforgiven Tombstone Blazing Saddles The Searchers The Wild Bunch No Country for Old Men Shane (my middle name) Firefly Deadwood What are some of your favorites?


     It has been a very busy copy of days for me. We had a big outreach event on Sunday and I have been getting the new web site ready for launch. We went live with the site last night and I stayed up most of the night checking things out and adding content. I…

Pet Peeve

I have noticed that there has been a lot of programming on AMC that is not what I would call American Movie Classics. Two of their current favorites are Road House and anything by Chuck Norris. At no point in my mind do this movies qualify as an American classic. So how would you define…