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New Tunes

     I recently came into some iTunes credits. Lucky me. I got the new Kings of Leon, Lincoln Brewster and various Eddie Vedder and Red Hot Chili Peppers tunes. The Kings of Leon CD is really great. Caleb Followill’s vocals are out of the ordinary. I have noticed that I really like vocalists with strange…

New Charlie Hall

      I got the new Charlie Hall album The Bright Sadness last week. The album is really good. I especially like Scenes, You Are God and Bloom Again.      What new music are you guys listening to and what do you think about the new Charlie Hall album?

Conor Oberst

       I purchased the new Conor Oberst album yesterday and have listened to it three times now. I really enjoy the songs and stories Conor is telling. I like the way he works in the phrase “milk thistle” into a song. I never thought I would hear that one. Conor has a way of expressing…

Jesus Culture

This is an amazing video from Jesus Culture that I saw over at Ragamuffin’s blog and wanted to share with everybody.  This is an incredible song and this girl Becca can really sing.  I am sitting here in my office listening to this song and the hair is standing straight up on my arms.  Yeah,…

Love Jesus and Love to Rock

       Today was magazine day here at the Davidson household and no it was the Billy Madison kind of magazine day.  I got fresh new copies of Rolling Stone, GQ, and two copies of Wired.  Last year Wired ran this buy-one-give-one-free special and I gifted myself the extra subscription.  I enjoy giving the extra copy…