Guitar Gear

Stay tuned for changes. I use soldered Lava Tightrope cables from Dan Burgess at, great guy and great gear.

Big Pedalboard

Emerson Buffer

Keeley Compressor Pro (Love this pedal)

JHS Modded Ernie Ball Volume Pedal

Boss TU3s Tuner


Walrus Audio Mayflower

Piedmont Custom Electronics FX David Pedal

Disaster Area Designs DPC5 GEN3 Midi Looper


Zvex Double Rock Vexter

Morgan Fuzz

Walrus Audio Julia Chorus

Keeley Time Machine Boost

Keeley Phat Mod

Electro Harmonix Pitch Fork

Fulltone Supa-Trem2

Line6 M5

Strymon BigSky

Strymon Timeline

This1smyne Buffer

Little PedalBoard

Boss TU-2

Boss Equalizer

Emerson Customs EM-Drive

Timmy Pedal

Keeley Telsa Coil

Fulltone Distortion Pro

Fulltone Full-Drive 2 Custom Shop

Greer Amps Black Tiger Delay

EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master

Neunaber WET Reverb

Tech21 RVB Boost


Jackson Ampworks Scarlett 30 V2 Combo

Jackson Newcastle 30 Head with Jackson Ampworks Ported 2×12 Cabinet with Celestion Golds

Fender Twin Head 1978

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp


Ron Kirn Telemaster – This is my number one and feels incredible

Fender Stevie Ray Vaughn Stratocaster

Taylor 710CE – I picked this up from Rawson’s Music in 1998 and it has been with me at every show

Martin D-35 Ambertone

Fender Pelham Blue Precision Bass

Acoustic Pedalboard

Boss TU3 -> Tech-21 Boost Reverb -> Avalon U5


I use Lava soldered patch cables, Divine Noise and Lava Guitar Cables, Lava Speaker Cables, Ernie Ball .10 & .11 strings on my electric, Medium John Pearse Phosphor Bronze and Martin Medium Bluegrass on my Acoustic and Jim Dunlop Nylon picks.  The pedalboards are by Pedaltrain. Power provided by Walrus Audio Aetos and Phoenix.

From time to time I have pieces moving out that you can find on my Reverb page at