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Shawnee Calling

This morning I am sitting at Starbucks in Shawnee, OK with Margot playing cards, drinking frappes, and enjoying a chocolate croissant. We have just spent a couple hours walking around the mall. I think that half that time was spent walking around Claires, which was a really long time. If Victoria Secret has lounge chairs outside for husbands to sit upon I think that Claires deserves lounge chairs for dads to sit upon.  I have spent the last six weeks driving around Shawnee with one or more of my kids. We have visited numerous shops and stopped in numerous places to eat. We are beginning to find a…

New Saturday Morning Family Fun

For the past month the girls and I have been taking a drive to a library around Oklahoma City. They love going to the library. Margot reads well ahead of her grade and Maggie is just beginning to be able to read on her own. You have no idea how much I have prayed that they would enjoy reading as much as I do. Saturday we got in the wagon and drove to downtown OKC to go. They had a blast going through the kids’ section, although Margot was still disappointed to find that there were to Dogman books available. She is currently in queue in the 9th…

Toughest Church Job I Ever Had

This year I dove head on into managing the day-to-day operations of the child care center at Harrah Church. Prior to the I had simply hired and mentored our center directors, reviewed financials, helped negotiate issues between the church and the child care center, and occasionally took meeting with disgruntled parents or employees. I had no idea the load that our director had to bear day-to-day. This is the toughest church job I have ever had. There are 35-40 full-time employees at the center and over 140 children at this point. My day starts around 7:30am and I am usually leaving the center by 6:30pm Monday through Friday….