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Best Meal Ever

I have been in Grove, OK for the past week.  I spent three days teaching and serving with our Student Leadership Team, a few days visiting my friends Terrill Standifer and Rob Walker, and a few days hanging out with the College/Career group.  We stayed at a wonderful lake house of some members of our church.  It was perfect for our group.  If sat right beside the lake and the sun would set across the lake every evening.  We grilled hamburgers and made s’mores.   The students had a great time and will have an experience to treasure for months to come.


This blog is entitled the best meal ever.  While visiting Terrill I went to a place called the Wooden Spoon.  This place is owned and operated by Amish families.  Everything we ate was completely homemade.  Let me set the stage for you.  I went with the special, which that day was a bacon-cheese burger and potato salad.  Terrill got the same thing, but with B-B-Q beans.  Our plates came out to us within 5 minutes and the Amish girl in her orange dress kept our drinks filled.  Amazing service.  The hamburger bun was homemade.  The hamburger patty was handformed.  All the vegetables were grown out back and tasted GOOD.  The sides were the best I have ever had.  The beans were made of 4 different kinds of beans.  Perfect.  When we finished eating I looked on the wall and saw a list of pies.  Now I am not a pie guy.  I really don’t like pies at all.  I avoid them.  But I was in total connection to the Lord that day and he led me to fix my gaze upon one of the pies listed.  This pie was called Bumblebee Pie.  I had no idea what Bumblebee pie was, but I was feeling like taking a risk so I ordered it.  WOW.  The girl turned the corner holding  a plate with a most colorful pie I have ever seen.  Bumblebee pie is made of strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.  Those three colors were placed between two of the softest, most delicious sugar cookies you have ever had.  Beside the pie were three, yeah three, scoops of ice cream.  I put a little of the pie on my spoon and gathered some ice cream on it and was totally blown away.  The best dessert I have ever had.  Friends this pie is worth the drive.  The place is called the Wooden Spoon and if you are ever driving through Gentry, Arkansas you need to stop and eat.  I will tell you that they celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday and are closed.


            I am pretty sure I left my car keys in Grove.  Pray that I find my keys.


Bless God,


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