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Working Out

So I have been feeling convicted about not working out lately and have started doing some exercising.  I started by walking the dog around the neighborhood, but on Monday I went to Aspen with Matt Farahani.  We did a chest workout and I have been sore since.  It hurts to drink a coke in way too many places.  I am going to continue to workout because I need to lose some weight.  It is also a great chance for me to use my iPod and listen to some sermons. 

My new puppy Whitley chewed through the washing machine electrical cord this afternoon.  She has very sharp teeth and I am surprised she did not electrocute herself.  She wakes up at 5:30am every morning, but she is so much fun.  Beagles are excellent puppies. 

I watched Zodiac last week with my friends Matt Hamrick and Chris Wehunt and have to tell you that it is an amazing movie.  The dialogue is some of the best I have ever heard.  You find yourself laughing at offhand comments by the characters.  I remind you that this is a movie about a Californian serial killer.  This movie is a classic, one of the best in years.  Go see it.


Bless God,


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