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Today has been a LOST day.  My dog Erwin got out of the newly remodeled fence.  I put up two layers of electric fencing and added 2 feet onto another part of the fence in order to keep him inside.  He got out anyway.  He ran down the street and jumped into the car of a nice blond lady wet and muddy.  I took several hours at lunch to retrieve him.  I watched the season finale of LOST with Erwin on the couch after I found him.  He curled up next to me and sleep for the whole episode.  LOST was amazing.  I loved how they took the “flashback” and turned it into a flash-forward.  Didn’t see that one coming.  Today has been a very “LOST” feeling day.  I downloaded a picture of a guy praying and made it my desktop.  I am supposed to be praying about something, but I have no idea what.  Don’t worry, it is not your prayer request I am forgetting.  Something just seems to be unsettled.  I have been cleaning my office this week and have FOUND many things. 


I am praying that we get enough adult help this summer and that people will stand up and say that they can be Sunday School teachers.  We really need some teachers right now.


Bless God,


Jeremy Davidson

Interim Student Minister/Media Director

Waterloo Road Baptist Church

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