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New Music

I have been listening to the new Travis CD today.  You should definitely check out “Closer” and “My Eyes”  The new Wilco and Rufus Wainright CDs drop tomorrow.  What CDs or movies are you looking forward to this summer?  I started reading a new book entitled, “serve God, save the world.”  My good buddy Craigo gave it to me yesterday during Sunday School.  The author of the book is a doctor who completely changed his family’s lifestyle.  They went from a big house, fast car and a consumeristic lifestyle to a home the size of their old garage and only making a bag of trash every week and a half to two weeks.  There are five people in the house mind you.  That is pretty incredible.  It seems like Sydnie and I make a bag of trash a day.  I am also reading a biography of Jonathan Edwards.  I think biographies will make up the bulk of my summer reading.  I am so glad school is out so that I can catch up on my reading.  I have ten books piled up on the desk in my study.  Two books on service top the pile.  What have you been reading lately?


Bless God,


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