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New Tunes

I bought three albums yesterday that I will now review for you here.  The three albums come from three very different genres.  I purchased the new albums from The Polyphonic Spree, Ryan Adams, and The Beastie Boys. 

The Spree album is OK.  The production feel doesn’t seem as good as the previous albums.  I was looking for something different here, but didn’t get what I was looking for.

            Easy Tiger by Ryan Adams is amazing, but would we expect anything less from him.  The first track throws me for a loop every time, because Adams sounds so old school country.  Every track here is great.  He will continue to delight his fans.  How he is able to write so many songs and release so many great albums is beyond me.  This man is a machine. 

            The Beastie Boys offering is an instrumental album entitled “The Mixups.”  As I sat and listened to this album I couldn’t help but think of how I would use each song in a movie or video segment.  The songs lend themselves to creative thinking.  Reminiscent of the original Ocean’s Eleven soundtrack.  Great album.

            I will keep you apprised of my future purchases and look forward to hearing from you about what you have purchases and are enjoying or regretting.  Peace.


Bless God,


Jeremy Davidson

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