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Guitarmageddon was huge success last week.  There were over 150 students in attendance, including the two skaters I blogged about recently.  The place was packed.  The AHBC students told how awesome they thought the event was.  We are beginning to follow-up with our visitors and hope to continue to minister to some of them through our student music ministry and a newly forming skateboard ministry.  I had 7 students respond to being interested in a church skate team.  I am looking forward to calling these guys and having a first practice.  Skateboard ministries have proved to be very successful in reaching out to students in cities and neighborhoods like ours.  We are beginning to build relationships with students who are not part of a church and may be several generations removed from a member of their family who attended church.  I would to hear from anyone with some skateboard or park experience on ministering to this crowd. 
            The response to our call for computers and parts has been tremendous.  I have collected 10-15 machines so far and I am continuing to receive emails and call from people.  I am looking for a date next month when a team will be able to help me sort through these computers, install software, and place them into the lab.  I am also looking for someone who has LINUX experience to help install IPCOP onto our open network side, where these machines will run.  Please contact me if you have any interest in helping with any of the opportunities listed here.  Thanks.


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