Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Local Skaters

I spent some time working outside on a project with two students yesterday.  Kyle was helping me with setting up for a photography project and Andrew was our subject.  We heard some kids skateboarding between the south fence and the strip mall.  I walk over to the fence to investigate and met two of our local skaters, Kyle #2 and Jesse.  Both these kids live in the neighborhood east of the church and love to skateboard.  I have a passion for skateboarding.  I grew up in the country and had a small concrete back porch where I could skate.  Everything else was grass or dirt, not really a skating landscape.  We talked with Kyle #2 and Jesse for about 20 minutes and invited them to the upcoming 5th Quarter and Guitar Hero 3 tournament.  Jesse told me that he loves Guitar Hero and was definitely coming to play.  When I told them about the skateboard we were going to be giving away their eyes just started to bug out.  Kyle #2’s skate board was really thrashed and ready for retirement.  I told them that is planning on resurfacing the parking lot and we have looked into starting a skate ministry they were excited.  Jesse told me that several of the neighborhood kids will walk the 5-6 miles to the new skate park to skate for several hours and then walk the same distance back.  They thought that if there was a skate park here at the church we would start meeting a whole new group of kids that are not interacting with  I watch students walk across our parking lot every day after school.  They seem to unaware of our Student Building and some of them are walking across our parking lot to catch a bus that takes them to another church where there is a skate park. 

What can we do to become a relevant church to generations of students that surround  We can start by getting involved or more involved in the Step up to Faith campaign.  One of the next projects in this building campaign is to resurface the parking lot, which will make it a more inviting environment for or neighborhood skaters.  Another project will be adding a sign to the Student Building letting those kids that are walking across the parking lot know there is a student building here and that there are activities for them nearly every day of the week for them inside.  Pray that God will put me into contact with all the students that are walking across the parking lot.  Pray that God would provide people to help sponsor the skate ministry, the skate team, and to help build and construct the park next year.  These kids need to feel the love of God through our congregation.  Step up to this new ministry and step out on faith and talk with some of these kids.  Don’t just invite them to come to church on Wednesday, but find out their names, begin to pray for them, and look for opportunities just to talk with them and see how they are doing.  We are all ministers of this Gospel.  Pray for Kyle and Jesse.

Jeremy Davidson
Media and Marketing Coordinator