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New Skateboarder Magazine


I just got my new issue of Skateboarder magazine in the mail and it has some incredible shots.  I have noticed something about skateboarders.  Although, skateboarding is a solo sport boarders always hang out in groups.  They love to hang with each other, they encourage each other to take risks and go big.  Who do you have in your life that is encouraging you to take risks and go big.  I have several friends who encourage me in that way, especially in my spiritual journey.  They push me not just to think big, but to know that nothing is too big.  We have a lot of fun hanging out and talking and though we are in different cities now we continue to spurn one another on. 
     So here are the questions: Do you have someone in your life that is cheering you on and telling you to go big because you can do it?  What are they spurring you on to do?  Who are you sheering on and telling to go big?