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Blind and Disrupted

       I woke up Tuesday morning and began to get ready for work.  I jumped in the shower and washed up.  After getting dressed I went back into the bedroom and found my dog Whitley on the bed chewing………my glasses.  WHAT!!!.  She had actually pretty much finished them off.  The lenses were chewed up and laying besides the frames.  I called and got an appointment at the eye doctor.  Yesterday I went and got my new glasses ordered, they won’t be in until Tuesday.  ARGHHHH.  So I have been blind for almost a week now.  It reminds me of being in a remedial reading class in 3rd grade and watching the librarian in charge of the class, who was legally blind, read a read with her face literally pressed against the book.  I am nearsighted and have to get pretty close to read.  Did I mention that I love to read and I haven’t been able to all week.  I love to watch TV, but I can’t see the cable menu to see what is on.

        What has been the biggest disruption in your life recently and how did you deal with it?  How far under your skin do you let thing go?  During these times do you place your trust in God or spend your time worrying?