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I Am Legend

i-am-legend-bigposter l went to see I Am Legend this afternoon.  I have heard mixed reviews about the film and read that while it was a good film it wasn’t a great adaptation of Richard Matheson’s book.  While there were no vampires as in Matheson’s book, the zombie-like cannibals were scary.  I really enjoy zombie movies with pleasure since my dad brought home Night of the Living Dead when I was a child of about 7; we watched a lot of non-traditional children’s films.  I am pretty sure my dad liked to watch of flinch.  He would later take joy in seeing us scream by pulling a round tube around the lake in a jagged manner that would cause us to skip across the water like a flat rock on a pond. 

    The movie does have an element neo-Christian element to it in Robert Neville, played by Will Smith.  Ever since I had a dream of being locked inside of a mall by myself I have enjoyed movies where characters find themselves alone with all the toys, cars, and food to himself.  No line at any check out.  Excellent.  This was a good film and I would recommend it without hesitation.

     On a final note, I went to see the movie at the AMC by the Promenade.  After the film I hustled along to the restroom, like most other viewers, only to find the bathrooms a wreck.  Disgusting.  I think dirty bathrooms are a tipping point for any business and area to go downhill.  Keep your bathrooms clean please and thank you my good sirs.

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  • Kris

    December 30, 2007 at 3:11 am

    I enjoyed legend a lot. The ‘scary’ element was much more than I expected, but I thought they did it right. There is one thing I wanted more of… when the main character realizes he’s not alone, the awkward ‘social’ scenes were great. I thought they should have spent more time there. It reminded me of Cast Away… when Tom returns home and has some problems. Overall though… I liked it.