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artofinnovation      I recently finished reading The Art of Innovation by Tom Peters of IDEO and at the same time am preparing to move to a new office at work. I am moving downstairs in our building.  Several things struck me about our offices as I read the chapter on workspace.  The majority of our executive offices are upstairs, above the majority of our assistant staff.  We don’t have an elevator so there is no way for the handicapped to meet with our executive staff in their offices.  My current office space is more of a hallway that has been closed off on both ends.  My light switch is located in another room and I have taken to putting up Christmas lights in my office because of the frequency with which people turn out the lights from the other room.  The new office downstairs is closer to the IT room and the assistants, who generally have the most problems on the network since they are on it more than anyone else.  The office is closer to the entrance, the kitchen, a basketball gym, and the bathroom. 

     So as I begin to think about setting up my new office I have a lot of ideas running through my head.  Maybe an island work surface in the middle of the room with storage underneath or pushing the work surface to the walls and putting the screens on one wall and a couch on the other with a coffee table in front of it.  It also needs to be painted.  The color is a mixture of institutional gray and pale, pale blue.  Do you remember the scene in Joe Versus the Volcano where he is in his office and the color is all off in a strange green tone.  The good news is that the ceilings are 10′ so there is plenty headroom.

     So what would you do with your office space if you had the opportunity?  What furniture would you put in there to create inviting collaborative space?  What colors would you use?  Take some pictures of your office and send them to me.  Maybe my old office wasn’t so bad compared to your space.


  • Janice Brown

    December 31, 2007 at 12:50 pm

    You may get this twice – I tried to stop it after I told it to send. I meant to say “Winter Woodwardland” was clever and think they should use it in our local paper sometime!
    To repeat incase I did stop the first message in time. . .
    Your website looks great! I didn’t realize you liked to read as much as you do. I knew you liked to watch movies. I’m glad to know how much you liked the chocolates – I will put that in my memory bank for next year.
    Love you and am proud of you. Janice

  • Antwon Davis

    January 2, 2008 at 1:48 am

    I want my office to go for a more comfy, studious, and modern feel.

    Here’s the vision…
    I see my office as being more rectangular and open for versatility. I want white walls and smoke gray walls with smoke gray carpet. I see orange rugs, a white couch with orange and smoke gray pillows, and a glass coffee table with a smoke-gray steel frame. I see the more modern glass computer desk that would probably sit on the side of the office next to the window. I see a MacBook Pro notebook connected to my iPhone on one side of the desk for portability, and an iMac desktop with Apple speakers for permanent/more stable use. I see display and theater lights in the ceiling that can be dimmed for different moods, as well as blue and orange miniature stage lights for night-time ambiance. I see a 42” plasma TV hanging on the wall opposite the couch and Bose surround-sound speakers hanging on both sides of the TV. I see at least 3 abstract paintings on the walls that give the room a more modern feel. Overall, this setup can be accomplished at a home office or workplace office.