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DSC_0007      I started watching Rob and Big a while back.  Their friendship is so incredible.  Two guys who seem so different and yet have such a great time together.  They are really doing life together and loving ever minute of it. 

     It is making me think about the significant friendships that I have in my life right now.  I have distanced myself from the friends that I had in Edmond.  My friend Craig and I meet on a mission trip to Mexico and became quick friends.  He had a son that was about 6 six years younger than me, but our interests were the same and our outlook in ministry was the same.  We started a men’s Bible study together in a car shop and saw some men grow in our group.  He loved to laugh and liked to rock.  I really miss Craig.  Because Craig’s wife wouldn’t let him move to Tulsa, I am now taking applications for a new best friend.  If your interested please submit your application to me via email.

     Seriously though, tell me about the significant friendships you have in your life right now and how these relationships are making you a better person and/or helping you develop in your relationship with God.

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