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I Want To Be A Loser

838_biggest_loser_468 My wife and I are getting into the losing spirit.  We have been watching the Biggest Loser on NBC.  I think that Syd has set a weight loss goal for me.  We went shopping last night after our small group.  We came home with lots of vegetables, Crystal Light, and lots of fruit.  I did get some fat free ice cream though. 

I think that I have really big bones.  I weigh as much as some of the contestants on this season’s show, but Syd and I are in agreement that my body doesn’t look anything like these guys on the show.  I think it must be my heart of gold that is weighing me down.  Ha Ha Ha. 

Tonight I had whole-grain bow tie pasta with peas, corn, and onions.  Yummy.  Syd wants me to tell everybody that she made it. 

Do you watch The Biggest Loser?  Do you have any fitness goals?

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