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John Cusack

3      I got home tonight and started watching television and High Fidelity with John Cusack was on E!.  John is a prolific actor.  I ran over to and found that he has 8 movies in the works and has appeared in over 59 movies since 1983.  I really like Grosse Pointe Blank.  I have noticed that he really enjoys playing a professional killer.  I love the way he acts extremely rationale during his gun fights in Grosse Point Blank.  When I see him I am reminded of first Baptist Collegiate Minister, Minnie Pack.  I am not sure why.  We only talked about this movie once 8 years ago.  He plays characters that I would really love to be.  I have read several books by Nick Hornby who wrote High FidelityInteresting fact #1, Nick Hornby wrote the movie I am watching and Nicholas Sparks wrote a book that I finished last week and both of them have a child with autism.  Interesting fact #2, in High Fidelity Jack Black tells John Cusack he is wearing a "Cosby" sweater and later in the movie he hooks up with Lisa Bonet of Cosby fame.

      So what are you watching?  Who is one of your favorite actors or actresses?  Who do you like more Nick Hornby or Nicholas Sparks?