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Problem Solved

     We have been having some major problems on our network in one of our buildings.  My friends Erik and I spent hours and hours trying to solve the problem over the last two weeks.  On Sunday we had some of our other Digerati Team members think through it with us.  One of the team members invited his friend to come and take a look at the problem on Monday.  After 6 hours of work we figured out that a fiber module on our main switch that goes to the building in question had gone out.  I had just ordered new switches for our building that morning.  We have a band aid in place until the new switches arrive.

      It has been really great to see our team work together and pool resources in solving this problem.  We are making vast improvements to our network and hope to get it back into healthy shape some time this year.  I would like to thank everyone who has helped work on the network with the team this year.  We couldn’t have gotten where we are without the help of such knowledgeable and great volunteers.  I am really not a huge network guy, but it has been great watching these guys work and to learn more about networking.

      The gentleman that helped us out yesterday is named Virgil and he helps maintain the network and works on the video team at First Baptist Owasso.  I am planning on going to visit FBCO later this week to see what he has set up there.  I have also made a point of contact with Dax over at FBC Broken Arrow and hope to meet with him on Thursday.

      I remember reading about the strength of weak ties and how the people you know the least can provide you with more and greater opportunities than your best friends can.  I have definitely networked with some amazing networking guys this week and accomplished things that I could not have done on my own.  How have you seen this principle of the strength of weak ties in action?