Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

The WaterStooler

waterstoolerlogo copy       For the last several weeks I have been creating a bathroom reader for the men’s urinals here at Arrow Heights called The WaterStooler.  I look around on the web and collect some interesting things and every other week add a quiz where the winner gets a $5 gift card to Taco Bueno or something.

      This last week a young kid named Calvin Thompson was the first to gets the answers to the quiz back to me.  Calvin is homeschooled and participates in our Upwards basketball ministry.  He told me that he really enjoys reading The WaterStooler.  He also told me that he and one of his friends are interested in creating an online talk show and were interested in getting some help making that happen.  I told him that I would love to help him out.  He could be the next Internet superstar.

      It just goes to show that you never know who you could meet in the men’s room, even when you are not there.  Remember, the writing is on the stall.  HaHaHa.