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Big Eyes, Small Stomach

20060712123909_big-eyes        Last week I went to eat dinner with my mother, sister, and my wife.  We went to the Delta Cafe in Shawnee, OK to eat.  I ordered the catfish, which was really good.  My sister ordered a chef salad.  Now the chef salad at Delta Cafe is very, very large.  Take the bowl you use to serve popcorn to your guests in at home and fill it with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, and ham and you will have an idea of how large this salad is.  During the meal my mom made an off hand comment that my sister’s eyes were larger than her stomach.  My sister has never finished anything she has ordered at a restaurant.  I have never seen her finish anything. 

      This phrase, "your eyes are bigger than your stomach," struck a chord with me.  I got to thinking about all the things that people are asking me to do with technology and video and I had to ask myself, "are our eyes bigger than our stomachs."  Now our eyes are our ideas, dreams, visions, things other churches are doing that we wish we were doing and our stomachs are our resources and capabilities.  Now I am all about leaving a lot of room for faith and God to work and making Big-Hairy-Audacious-Goals that only God could accomplish.  In fact, those are generally the majority of ideas that I have, but let’s step back for a second.  Are there times when our eyes are bigger than our stomachs?  Are there times when we see what is on other people’s plates and say I’ll have that?  This line of thinking has led me to ask several more questions.  Are we willing to finish what we start?  Are we putting everything we can into accomplishing what our eyes see?  Are we resourcing our people, our staff, our ministries, our small groups like we should?  Do we see something happening in our life or church and expect God to do all the work? 

      Here are several other ideas I am taking away from this.  When you have a vision, "pray like it depends on God and work like it depends on you."  Count the costs before going in; this is a great lesson from Nehemiah.    Test the spirits.  Just because you can see it happening or know that others are doing it doesn’t mean that it is for you. 

      So what are you thinking after reading this post?  Are there areas in your life where your eyes are bigger than your stomach?