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Films for the Days of 02.18-19.08

Assassination-Jesse-James-by-Coward-Robert-Ford-1246 The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford
Gone Baby Gone
Across The Universe
King of California

     Sydnie and I have been burning up the DVD player this week.  She has been so kind to watch so many movies with me. 

     Gone Baby Gone is the story of an abducted girl and a man’s journey in finding that girl.  Directed by Ben Affleck and starring Casey Affleck, who gives an incredible performance, Gone Baby Gone was written by Dennis Lahane who wrote Mystic River and is a writer for The Wire.  I have to give an accolade to Ben Affleck for a great job of directing this cast and helping to create such a film.  Lahane writes amazingly powerful stories that beg the question, "is it ever wrong to do the right thing."  This movie is tied up in a moral dilemma and the viewer is asked to pick a side.  Which side are you on?

     Across The Universe is a musical that brings Beatles music to the big screen.  I enjoyed hearing new versions of the songs and like hearing the voice of Jim Sturgess and look forward to seeing him in future parts.  Like most musicals this film is not for everyone and Sydnie got bored about halfway through it.  Beatles fans will enjoy it anyone else will risk it.

     King of California starts with an older Michael Douglas leaving a mental facility and being picked up by his daughter.  There is a Don Quixote flow throughout this movie.  Douglas’ character a little bit crazy with streaks of sanity.  Stephen Holden of the New York Times wrote a great review of the film which prompted me to watch it.

     I am about halfway through The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford, but I can tell you that the film is cinematically breathtaking.  This film also stars Casey Affleck, who gives an amazing performance and really shows how far he can take his acting range.  Garret Dillahunt is another actor in this film that I have enjoyed watching on HBO and his other films.  This is a great film to watch if you want to know how to play a scared character.  Brad Pitt does a good job here, but I do believe that the best performances are found elsewhere in this one. 

One Comment

  • craigo

    February 20, 2008 at 7:29 pm

    For some reason (and I don’t know why) I bought “Gone Baby Gone” on iTunes and downloaded it to my iPod a week and a half ago. I normally look at all the latest movie releases on there and treat myself to a new movie every few weeks or so if I have money on my PayPal card. Anyway, I bought this movie but forgot it was on my ‘Pod. I watched it the other night and was totally blown away – I cannot believe that this movie hasn’t gotten more press than it has ! As far as I’m concerned, it’s the best movie I’ve seen in a very long time. And I agree – Ben Affleck did a great job directing baby brother. However, in the final analysis, I disagreed with the outcome – I found myself on Morgan Freeman’s side. It wasn’t even a moral dilemma for me – the correct thing to do was obvious. So yes, sometimes doing the right thing is wrong.