Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Flip This

b1e159addb635273721c32920cd76b77_200      Sydnie and I like to watch television on Saturday mornings.  It is a way for us relax together.  One of our favorite shows is Flip This House, soon to become The Real Deal with Richard Davis.  Richard and his crew are funny to watch and really provide great insights into how a team can work together, especially under pressure.  There is so much friction within the team sometimes, but they use that fraction as traction to get the job done.  I really enjoy their candid personalities. 

     At the end of this morning’s show Richard talked about how the friendship between his team is more important than they money that they would make.  On the show they were about to start making a $10,000 a month payment on a beach house that they were hoping to break even on.  You can tell that these guys know how to work hard, but more importantly they know how to play hard. 

     Have you ever put other things before your relationships with your friends?  Do you have relationships in your live that can withstand a little heat and friction?  What do you do to play hard with your friends?