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Love Jesus and Love to Rock

paramore       Today was magazine day here at the Davidson household and no it was the Billy Madison kind of magazine day.  I got fresh new copies of Rolling Stone, GQ, and two copies of Wired.  Last year Wired ran this buy-one-give-one-free special and I gifted myself the extra subscription.  I enjoy giving the extra copy to someone new each month.  I enjoy reading it and think others should too.  Spent the evening creating cover templates for the worship guide at AHBC based off of the Rolling Stone cover and they look freaking incredible.  You are going to have wait to see those puppies though.

     There are two bands featured in Rolling Stone that I wanted to bring to your attention and discuss.  The first band is Paramore and the lead singer Hayley Williams professes to be a devout Christian.  I downloaded their last two albums about three months ago and have enjoyed listening to them.  I was especially pleased that AMC picked up one of their songs and started using it in their promos this season.  Williams has an incredible voice and puts it front and center in the mix.  She rocks pure and simple.

flyleaf-5inosite       The second band that I want to discuss is Flyleaf.  All the members of Flyleaf are devout Christians.  Flyleaf is a serious hardcore band and is receiving a lot of airplay and air time next to bands like Korn.  I want to share a quote that ended the article with you,

"Like Creed and Switchfoot, the band draws both Christian fans and nonreligious teens, which Mosley appreciates.  "I see these kids who are hurting, who want someone to understand," she says.  "When I see a fifteen-year-old girl at our show who has slashes all up her arm because she cut herself, I want to hug her so tight." 

That is an amazing outlook on the reach of their band and their lifestyle.  Here is a group that knows that their music is making a difference in the lives and culture of nonreligious teens.  I believe that there are a lot of bands out there like Paramore and Flyleaf that are reaching people the church cannot or are refusing to connect with. 

     I have heard a lot of talk about cross over bands.  I think that we are starting to see a new breed of bands skip the cross over entirely and go straight for the big show.  Let me ask you some questions.  Do you listen to any cross over or "secular" Christian bands?  Do you have an opinion on the subject?  Do you believe that there is a different standard for artists than there is for accountants, managers, or blue collar workers in relation to how they live out their faith?