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Redbox Strikes Again

the-invasion-poster-425030707       The Samsung has been working overtime today.  I have watched The Invasion, The Brave One, Eastern Promises, and Lost today. Sayid was on killing spree this week.    We know that he has gotten off of the island, but what is he doing? 

     The Invasion was interesting.  A zombie film without zombies.  Invasion of the Body Snatchers meets War of the Worlds with a Shaun of the Dead ending. 

     The Brave One was a good film and it had Naveen Andrews from Lost in it.  Jodie Foster has definitely developed a pattern for taking roles of a strong female with no romantic interest in the film.  She gets close in this one, but Andrews character dies so early in the film.  I thought the best thing about the film was Terrence Howard’s character.  Howard is a detective investigating the murders perpetrated by Foster’s character.  Howard is a great actor with an amazing range.

      I just popped Blade Runner into the DVD player.  I hope to get it in before Sydnie gets home.  She doesn’t really like this genre.

      So what did you guys think about this week’s episode of Lost?  Did you pick up any new clues?  Have any good theories?