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The Bike Ride….From Hell

tulsa_bikes     Late this afternoon our friends Zack and Hollie invited us to go down to the river in Tulsa to ride bikes.  There are these pink bikes that you can rent for free and ride all day long.  Zack and Hollie brought their own bikes and Sydnie and I were going to rent some.   Before we knew about the free pink bikes we went to two different bike rental shops and arrived about 25 minutes before they closed.  The last bike store told us about the free pink bikes.  The first free bike station we went to was out of bikes.  The second one we arrived at had 10 bikes, but the machine was malfunctioning and we were only able to get one bike.  Sydnie and Hollie decided to go back to the first station to see if anyone had returned any bikes and Zack and I started riding that direction on the trails.  About a mile into the trek one of Zack’s pedals broke off and we still had 4 and a half miles to go.  For about a mile Zack tried to pedal without one of the pedals.  At one point I looked back and couldn’t see him anymore so I turned around.  As I came over the hill I saw him stand up from the ground, throw the broken pedal at the pavement, pick up his bike and send it flying.  He was mad.  So for the next 4 and a half miles he ran beside the bike. 

     So there are these free bikes at the river and Zack probably won’t go with you. 


  • Chase

    March 3, 2008 at 10:38 am

    That is awesome. Too bad it was a trip from hell. Bonnie and I enjoy going on the river parks trail. Apparently, a section has been redone and is much wider.