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The City and the Mission

map      I just finished reading The Big Idea by Dave Ferguson from Community Christian Church in Chicago, IL and is has me really excited to see what Arrow Heights can do in our metro area in the next year.  In 1998 Community Christian Church was the size of Arrow Heights.  Dave asked some interesting questions that I would like your input on.  Should we be a church that measures itself by the number of people who attend or by the number of people to turn their lives over to Christ?  In the eight years after 1998 CCC grew to a church of over 5,000 people and had a year where 800 people gave their lives to Christ.  I am sure that my God is big.  I mean He is huge and He promises to do more than I can even imagine He will do.  What are you asking God to do through AHBC this year?  How are you investing yourself in the process of achieving that goal?  I look forward to working along side you guys this year in helping our dreams become reality.  Please covenant to pray with me for great things to happen throughout this year.