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Trip to D.M.V.

dps A few weeks ago I saw that my drivers license was three months out of date so today I went to the DMV to get it renewed.  Now I tried to go the day that I saw it was expired but I was number 753 and they were on 718 and my movie was starting in an hour so I bolted.  Today I went in and I was only 28 people back in the line. 

      So what can you get done while you are waiting at the DMV.  After I pulled my number I decided to go to Lowe’s and picked up some mulch for the yard, looked at the paver stones, and then drove the mulch back to the house and unloaded it.  After unloading the mulch I remembered that I needed my birth certificate and SS card to get my new license and unfortunately it was at the bank in the safe deposit box.  I got the key to the box from my wife and drove to the bank.  After securing the needed documents I went back to the DMV to find that I was next in line.  I am now the proud owner of a new drivers license and voter registration card.  Yeah.