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golden-retriever-0237       Sydnie has been dying to rescue a stray found on the street because of the number of times people have rescued our dogs after they get out of the yard.  She has tried to rescue strays several times, but for some reason they would run away from her.  She was starting to feel like a failure when it came to rescuing dogs.  On Monday night we took the dogs for a walk and came across a stray golden lab puppy.  She was so excited about saving this dog from the streets.  It is now Friday and we still have the dog.  We have named the dog Tobey and I have become really attached to him.  I am secretly praying that we get to keep Tobey.  He has the best attitude and our Beagles Erwin and Whitley love him too.  I wasn’t really excited about getting Erwin and Whitley initially, but I am a dog lover now.  Look at that face.

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