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Go and Tell

whisper       I subscribe to Ed Stetzer’s blog and have really enjoyed reading what he has to say.  Ed works for Lifeway as a Director of Research and the Missiologist in Residence.  He has done some amazing research and just released some great findings.  I encourage you to click over and read what His research is telling us about what we need to be doing to reach our neighbors.  Especially go and read the Powerpoints on his latest post that you can find at  Great stuff.  He is coming to Owasso in June to the Founders Conference and I am getting people together to go and hear him. 

One of things that I really latched onto in His’ post is that we need to get back to a go and tell mentality in our churches.  Stop relying on someone else to do the talking and recognize your role.

Have you been telling others about Jesus?

What are you doing to get the word out?

Send me some comments.  I really want to hear about what you are doing and challenge you to get out and tell someone this week.