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There Will Be Blood

TWBB      I watched There Will Be Blood on Tuesday night and was astounded by Daniel Day-Lewis’ performance.  I also enjoyed the lack of dialogue throughout several parts of the movie.  It really helped me focus in on the film aside from Day-Lewis’ strong performance.  Day-Lewis’ character, Daniel Plainview is an oil prospector in Little Boston, California where he has dealing with a religious leader named Eli Sunday.  PLainview proves that he will do anything to get to the oil, including faking accepting Christ and getting baptized.  Sometimes the things that drive cause us to manipulate people in order for us to get what we want.  Plainview was one of those people who did whatever it took to get to the oil.  For his part, Eli Sunday is a manipulator of his own in his ministry.  I have really enjoyed all of Paul Thomas Anderson’s films and would have to put this one near the top of his work.  I would like to throw a shout out to Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead for his work in scoring this film as well.  See you later.