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Coming in The Backdoor

1519_76619i      I recently was reading a book on marketing that was talking about how people arrive at your site and the way Google and search has changed the way they arrive at your site.  Most people that arrive at your web site come in through the back door.  This means that the first page they come to is not the homepage.  So how clean is your backyard and why in the world does it matter?  If you know how people are coming into your site you can begin to shift your site to compliment your most successful pages.  Within your church you should examine what your backdoors are.  Most people focus on closing the backdoors, meaning they want the people who come in the front to come back next week.  What if we analyzed what really brought people to the church and began to focus our ministry around that and made it the front door.  Our Upwards and W.E.E. ministries see a lot of people who do not attend our church go through it, but their budgets are much smaller compared to that of other ministries within the church.  Sure people pay to play, but what if we resourced ministries based upon their effectiveness in drawing people and discipling them.  How much would you be reallocating if you changed your resourcing model?

What are the backdoors in your church? 

Of course if someone does show up knocking on your backdoor you get pretty freaked out.  I mean how did this guy get back there?  I thought we locked the gate, and who is that in the pool.  I have meet many students skating in our courtyard at the church who have never been inside the church before.  The courtyard is one of our backdoors.  Are we going to freak out that people are hanging out in the courtyard with no church leader present and run them off or are we going to take some bottles of cold water or lemonade out there and talk with them and find out why this part of the church is so interesting to them.  I would love to cement to courtyard for our skate park since that is where I usually find skaters.  They like the cement stage that stands above the ground and the shade that the buildings provide. 

Are you opening the backdoors, enlarging them, or closing them down?