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Nick and Ashley’s Wedding

      I went my friend Nick Frary’s wedding tonight.  Nick and I were roommates for two years during college.  It was a great time.  He got married at Crown Height Christian Church.  I have been to three weddings at this church in the last several years.  None of the people involved attend this church.  They must have a really great rate.  The church is really picturesque, kind of an old English church feel.  We went to the Beacon Club for the reception and the food was amazing.  Salmon, roast beef, lots of finger foods, shrimp, six kinds of cheese, and wedding cake.  I love weddings.  I want to wish Nick and Ashley a great life together.  Nick will be joining the blogosphere as soon as he gets back from his honeymoon.  Syd and I got to reconnect with some of our Edmond friends and had a great time.

One Comment

  • Nick

    June 16, 2008 at 10:22 pm

    thanks buddy, we enjoyed seeing you and hanging out with everyone. thanks for the gifts as well…

    yes, im all set up and need help with dreamweaver/wordpress…so call me when you get done shaving your chest and legs…