Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist


1P-257x108       We are gearing up here at Arrow Heights to take part in the initiative along side over 400,000 people from 600 churches around the world.  We will be kicking off this series June 8th and we are thinking about what our prayers for our church should be.  My personal prayer is: God make us relevant.  I want our church to mean something to the community and touch the hearts of the unchurched surrounding our campus.  I want people to come to church because they want, no they need to hear what we are teaching about.  I want our people to be so moved by the relevance of our messages that they drag people to church to hear the truth of God’s word for their lives.  I want to see the lives of people in our community changed.  I want to say my God is doing amazing things here in Broken Arrow, things that are beyond explanation.  Things that are immeasurably more than I could ask or imagine.  So I am praying that God would make us relevant.

If you could pray one prayer for the church what would it be?