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Remote Control Heaven

Logitech-harmony-one-700       I got home on Thursday and found a box in my mailbox.  Inside the box was my new Logitech Harmony One Remote Control.  I had 4 remote controls sitting on my coffee table that controlled my audio and video set up and now I only have ONE.  This thing is amazing.  The full color screen you see in the picture is a touch screen.  It fully controls all of my devices with ease and can be updated via it’s USB connection.  So if I decide to go out and purchase a new receiver, PS3 or HD-DVD player I will still be able to use this remote.  So far I am totally impressed with this remote.  It even has the ability to learn new commands.  After hooking it up to my computer and plugging in the model numbers of my devices I had a programmed remote in about ten minutes and I didn’t have to plug through a dozen or more codes to find my specific device code.  awesome. 

Happy channel surfing.