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Scream for Ice Cream People!

Edy's[1] One of my great passions in life is for ice cream.  I am currently eating Edy’s Vanilla Sandwich ice cream and it tastes great.  Every time we go to the store I like try a new flavor.  I used to only be a vanilla man, but something within me changed several years ago and I now like anything, but chocolate and mint together.  When I was a kid we went to Western Sizzlin’ and i took a plate, not a bowl, to the ice cream machine and loaded up on chocolate.  When I got back to the table my parents eyes were huge and so were mine when I discovered that the chocolate ice cream was actually chocolate mint.  My dad made me eat the whole thing.  Realize that Western Sizzlin’ is a buffet and I was on the dessert and you can see the predicament I was in.  To this day chocolate and mint together cause a gag reaction.  If I stay at your house, hostel, hotel, or couch please remember that I prefer a hard candy to a chocolate mint.

What flavor ice cream is in your refrigerator right now?

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