Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist


jesus       I just wanted to say thanks to everybody who is reading and stopping by the blog and creating such an amazing community here.  This week I posted about my mother, ice cream, and Broken Windows, Broken Business and I really felt like I was slacking on posting this week, but traffic to the site doubled this week.  It is weird how things work.  I never know what is going to grab your attention and apparently it is either my mother or ice cream.  I am personally a big fan of both.  I am so excited to hear from you guys throughout the week and hope to hear from more of you in the future.  Let me know if there is anything specific that you would like to hear from me about and I will do my best to get a post up.  So thanks again for reading and don’t be afraid to leave me a comment.  I love to find out what you are thinking out there.  Peace, I’m out.