Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

Cause to Click

       I have been experimenting with ads on FaceBook lately.  We do ads with Yahoo, Google and FaceBook.  I am trying to discover new ways to get more people to click on our ad and discover more information about Arrow Heights.  I have ads of couples, a college student, and another that has led to our greatest click through rate (CTR).  A higher click through rate means that the ads runs fewer times to produce more clicks.  I wanted to do something totally out of the ordinary and crazy with an ad to see how it would affect our CTR.  Here is the picture I used for the ad.  college2

      This is one of the ugliest dudes I could find a picture of for the ad, but for some reason people are clicking on him like crazy.  He produced more clicks in less than 24 hours than our four other ads produce in the previous week.  The results were crazy.  So this leads me to ask you a question about your clicking habits.

What causes you to notice an ad online?