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Founder’s Conference 3

Ed Stetzer is speaking from Luke 10 in his session this morning about church planting.

  • It is the assumed undercurrent of the New Testament that they were always planting churches.
  • What was normal in the New Testament has become abnormal today.
  • If you are not planting churches then your church has become a cul-de-sac in the growth of the Kingdom.  Wow.
  • Begin church planting with a call from God and prayer.
  • God is at work in the world.  The harvest is there, so pray.
  • Most church planters are doers instead of reflective.
  • The call of God is not based upon demographics of a city.
  • Stetzer planted one of his first churches in one of the fastest declining areas of the country.
  • Radical Reliance upon God to lead you.  The Luke passage tells us to take nothing, but to rely upon God is provide everything.  That is Radical Reliance upon God.
  • Church Hierarchy (This is an unhealthy part of the church when lay people are thought of lesser importance.  We are all called.)
    • Lay People
    • Called to the Ministry
    • Called to Missions
  • We are all called to the ministry and to missions, the only question is where and among whom. Find out more about this here.
  • It is not a separate call.
  • The Gospel is not a promise to comfort it is a call to mission.
  • In 1988 Ed Stetzer was rejected by the NAMB to be a church planter and now he is at the head of the group, BUT he went anyway. He was 21 years old and had just graduated from college with a degree in Biology. After 6 months in his work the NAMB approached him about counting his numbers in their count.  Awkward.
  • If a new church doesn’t plant another within 3 years of it’s start it statistically never will.
  • Your church is never going to have enough money to plant churches.  This is where the provision of God comes in. Jesus tells them not to take a money bag. This is Radical Reliance upon God
  • It is going to be lay people who change the church and plant churches.
  • Church planting blesses the community.
  • The Gospel is offensive to people.  The Gospel is a stumbling block, but are people stumbling over the Gospel or are the stumbling over the CHURCH. 
  • Seek the welfare of the city that you deported to. -Jeremiah
    • how is your church blessing the community
  • Build relationships and settle in. Don’t move from house to house. Eat the things that are set before you means that you engage the context to which you have come by taking the culture in.
  • IF you are going to plant a church then you must become a part of the community in which you are in.
  • If we are going to plant churches then we are going to have to leave part of our culture behind. This includes your sports team people
  • John Knox said, "Give me Scotland or I die." That is a commitment to the place to which you are called.
  • When you think God has called you to preach you will seek greater opportunities to preach, when you think God has God you to a people you will seek greater opportunities with those people.
  • Meet needs and serve people. "Heal the sick who are there." -Luke
  • Move from meeting felt needs to REAL needs.
  • Luke 4 (Jesus came to bring justice) and Luke 19 (Jesus came to bring salvation)
  • We are not know for sharing Christ.  We are not know for showing the love of Christ.
  • Being like Christ, Doing what Christ did, and Telling others about Christ
  • 72% of unchurched Americans believe the church is full of hypocrites according to Lifeway research. 
  • Evangelicalism is adrift.
  • When you plant a church you are announcing the Kingdom of God. This is an inaugurated eschatology. "The Kingdom of God has come near you." -Luke
  • Russ Moore’s book The Kingdom of Christ
  • Church planting belongs to local churches.
  • Less than 5% of SBC churches are engaged in church planting.
  • The meat of the church is in being, doing and telling. We have people in our churches that know all about the 12 tribes of Israel, but cannot have a conversation with their neighbor without looking down on them.


      God wants more churches to be planted it is part of how He planned for the church to spread the Gospel. We must get involved in church planting. How radically do we rely upon God?  Are we relying more upon our back account than upon the the provision of God.  This part strikes me so much because it informs others about how big our view of God is. This message got me fired up about church planting and reaching others in relevant ways.

-Jeremy Davidson


  • Melody

    June 27, 2008 at 12:16 am

    A- I had to type in a lot of info just to leave a commment.

    B- “We are all called to ministry and to missions”. I heard that for the first time last summer when listening to a talk about Eternal Perspective. I wrestled with it for a long while- it felt so radical to me.

    C- Sounds like a good conference.

  • Katherine

    June 27, 2008 at 9:23 am

    I really, really liked this. The fact that if a church hasn’t planted another within 3 years it most likely never will scares me. And also how you said that what was normal in the NT is not normal now- but do most Christians even know what it was like then?

  • Jeremy Davidson

    June 27, 2008 at 10:56 pm


    The conference was a mixed bag, but Stetzer blew me out of the water. His book Breaking the Missional Code is tearing me apart right now. What is all this mess about a lot of info to leave a comment. You don’t think I just let anyone leave a comment around here do you. Considered yourself verified.


    I am not really sure that many inside the church know what it is like outside of the church today. There are a lot of people wondering why people don’t some to church and there are a lot of unchurched who have never had a significant conversation with a Christian. We have got to get out of the church, get to know the people, and give them a picture of who Jesus is. One of my goals is to create opportunities for the church to intersect with the community. Our 5K will be one of those opportunities.

    Thanks for the comments gals.