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Friday is for Film(s)

wanted       I am going to introduce a new element to the blog.  It is called Friday is for Film. Every Friday I am going to try and go to the local movie house and watch a movie and tell you about it.  Today I got to see two films.  They were Wanted and Walle.

      Wanted is a mixture of Assassins meets The DaVinci Code meets the Matrix. This was an action packed thrill ride. James McAvoy stars as Wesley Gibson, your average office worker who is bored with his defeating life. Think Joe Versus the Volcano. After his father dies he is contacted by "The Fraternity" who desires to train him to take over. There are loads of action sequences in this film and some things that you haven’t seen done before. The movie references the Moravians, which I found interesting. This movie was fun and exciting with several twists.

walle1       After watching Wanted I went with a large group of grade school kids to see Walle. As we were preparing to watch this film I notice that these grade school kids were very connected with culture. They were singing words to the latest Madonna song and when a new movie with Miley Cyrus came on the girls in front of us started talking how there were naked pictures of her on the Internet. This really got me thinking about how influenced out kids have been by movies, T.V., and the Internet and how we as parents and teachers have prepared them to discern what is being said and what they are being introduced to. I will start off by telling you that Walle is a propaganda film designed to influence younger generations about how humans are destroying the earth trash. Similar to the propaganda film The Happening, except The Happening totally stunk and Walle was good. Humans board a spaceship while robots stay behind to clean the planet.  Walle is the only robot left on the planet.  He encounters a probe from the mother ship and eventually finds his way onto the mother ship. There are so many references to other films within the movie that it blew me away. The beginning reminded me of I Am Legend, but without the zombies. There are relatively few words in this film, especially when you consider that this is a children’s movie. The kids in the theatre loved the film, but the adults that were there with me hated it. This is not your typical Disney movie, but I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed the lack of dialogue and just letting the animators have a chance to amaze me with their creative visuals. Go see this one.

      I need to come up with some rating system.  If you have any ideas on what I should use as my icon (stars, thumbs, etc.) send them my way.

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