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Late Nights

I stay up pretty late at night.  Sometime I won’t go to bed until 1:30-2:30 AM only sleep for about six hours.  For some reason I just don’t get sleepy until that time and when I go to bed early I get pretty bad headaches the next day.  Crazy.  One of the things that I have found and learned to enjoy are the song birds that start chirping outside of my living room window after midnight.  Now, I am not really much of a bird guy, but for their noises are pretty cool.  I remember being in biology camp as a kid, no jokes please, and holding stuffed birds in my hand.  Birds like the ruby-throated hummingbird.  The colors found in the feathers of these birds was astounding.  Far more awesome than you can imagine.  Holding them you really got a sense of what God was saying about clothing the birds of the air.

So what is your bedtime and how many hours of sleep do you get?