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Officially 30

      Today I am officially 30 years old and I am pretty tired.  I was up really late Saturday night working on the video for the sermon video for church for Sunday.  I finally got it working at about 4:30 am and went to bed.  Fortunately we had the evening off and I took a long nap.  I almost never get a Sunday afternoon nap and it was amazing.  Syd and I went to T.G.I.Fridays with Zach and Hollie for lunch and then they came back over to grill out for dinner.  I watched Tiger Woods’ amazing put on 18, which provided the most excitement of the day.  I don’t really like watching golf, but I couldn’t help but watch and cheer for Tiger.

      I want to say thanks to everyone who sent me a text or Facebook message.  Thanks for celebrating 30 years of my existence.  There are many more great years to come and I hope that you will be able to share them with me.

-Jeremy Davidson