Child Care Marketing Social Media Checklist

1P-175x95       I want to invite everyone to visit and leave your comments about what God did Sunday through Bob’s message.  Hundreds of people are sharing their thoughts and prayers and we want to invite you to be a part.  Everyday this week the homepage will have one special devotional prayer.  The schedule for this coming week is:

  • Monday: What did God do in your Church? Share what God is doing in your church and celebrate with other believers.
  • Tuesday: We will fast together and pray for salvations. Go to the website to write the first name of someone you are praying will come to know Christ.If you can’t fast, you might devote an hour to praying for salvations by sacrificing your time from the TV or another activity.
  • Wednesday: What is your One Prayer? If you could pray one prayer for the Church, what would it be?
  • Thursday: How can we pray for each other? Share requests with each other, and lift each other up in prayer.
  • Friday: Pray for your church this weekend. Pray specifically for your church and the upcoming weekend

      This is an amazing way for us to unite as the Body of Christ.  Please invite someone to come to church next week.  We will be bringing you a special message via video from one of the other churches participating in the series.  I promise you will not want to miss it.


-Jeremy Davidson