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Recent Movies

jumper       I watched Jumper today.  It is the story of a guy who can transport himself anywhere in the world instantly and a group of religious zealots led by Samuel L. Jackson who wants to kill people with this special ability.  The reason for killing "jumpers" is that only God should have the ability to be everywhere.  The jumpers are not quite everywhere at once. This reasoning does seem to put God in a sort of box, where something is taking place that He couldn’t take care of on His own. Then again, was the movie really just a pot shot at religious followers? I liked the movie and enjoyed the premise. It would be pretty cool to jump around the world whenever you wanted.


      Over the weekend I watched the Radiohead DVD The Astoria London Live. It was filmed around the time of The Bends album.  It was crazy to think that it was filmed in 1994, while I was still in High School.  I picked up my first Radiohead album that year.  Johnny Greenwood was rocking the lead electric on the DVD. I have put several other concert DVDs on my Netflix cue. The one that I am looking most forward to is the latest Neil Young DVD.  Neil though that he was about to die within months and wanted to do one last DVD. It looks amazing. I have the latest Pearl Jam DVD on the player but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.

      Sydnie and I watched Fool’s Gold on Saturday night. It was OK, but not great. The scene where Kate stumbles over the headstone is way overacted and hokey. Our small group is currently going through a study based on In A Pit With A Lion on a Snowy Day by Mark Batterson and it speaks a lot about going on adventures with God.  Fool’s Gold delivers on the adventure and really has me wanting to go to the Caribbean.

      Wall-E comes out on Friday and I am looking forward to going to the movies. It looks really fun and is a break from all the dramas and action films that I have been watching.

So what have you been watching in the last couples of weeks?