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Floating the River

I just got back from floating the Illinois River with my small group. Syd and I are both sunburned. We camped out over night on Friday. We ate at Sam and Ella’s in Tahlequah. Syd and I split a half mushroom/half Big Sloppy Pie Pizza. The mushroom half was incredible. The best mushroom pizza that I have ever had. I ran into Tyler Glaze there and said hello.

The water on the river was perfect and felt great when we jumped into it from the boat. Now is the perfect time to float the river. Camping was fun. Zack and I went down early to set up the tents for our group up. When we finished setting the tents up we were soaked with sweat and had given one particular tent a good cussing before finishing setting it up. We went and hung out and Wal-Mart for awhile and waited at Starbuck’s playing Scrabble until the group got there.

Our friends Hollie and Zack are moving to take teaching jobs in the Yukon area. We are going to miss hanging out with them and want to wish them the best. They are moving the first week of August. Zack already has a job, but please pray that Hollie would find the right teaching job.