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Friday is for Film

hancock-poster       Syd and I went to see Hancock with the Fullers on Friday afternoon. The house was packed. Hancock is the story of washed up superhero who causes as much trouble as he stops, when he is taken on as a cause by a P.R. man played by Jason Bateman. There are some great twists, good one-liners from Will Smith who plays Hancock, and a good supporting cast. I don’t want to say too much for fear of giving away some of the plot. I enjoyed the movie as typical summer fare, but thought that it lacked the great themes that you find in Spiderman films. There are great themes of redemption, life transformation, and sacrifice within this film that will make for great talking points. It was great to see someone toe the middle ground between becoming a complete anti-hero and creating a place where you aren’t an anti-hero, but you aren’t quite hero material either.

My friend Matt would love to hear your input about the significance of the eagle. What are your thoughts?